Book Chapter 2020

DOI: 10.38027/N12020ICCAUA316307

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Visionary Architecture 

Francesca Sibilio  


DOI: 10.38027/N22020ICCAUA316310

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Documenting Modern Interiors using Digital Technologies: Mid-Century Apartment Buildings in İzmir

Gülnur Ballice, Eda Paykoç and Gizem Güler


DOI: 10.38027/N3ICCAUA316235

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Courtyard Houses around the World: A Cross-Cultural Analysis and Contemporary Relevance

Donia Zhang


DOI: 10.38027/N42020ICCAUA316361

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A Study on Contemporary Residential Architecture in Tabriz (2000-2019)

Maryam Golabi


DOI: 10.38027/N62020ICCAUA316364

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The Impact of Transparency Ratio on Visual Comfort: A Field Study on Educational Building

Fatma Zoroğlu Çağlar, Ahmet Bircan Atmaca and Gülay Zorer Gedik


DOI: 10.38027/N72020ICCAUA316340

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Restauri, Recuperi, Innesti in Contemporary Italian Scenarios

Simone Leoni


DOI: 10.38027/N82020ICCAUA316296

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How Changes Impact Construction Project Risks

Sefik Emre Ulukan


DOI: 10.38027/N92020ICCAUA316349

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Urban Sprawl: The Impact of Higher Density Development for Sustainable Urbanization

Aminu Ahmad Haliru; Desy Osondu Eze; Udomiaye Emmanuel; & Hassan Muhammad Sani 


DOI: 10.38027/N102020ICCAUA316384

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The Impacts of Modernization on the Urban Structure of Iranian Traditional Cities; Meydan as Open Public Space

Meysam Soleimani


DOI: 10.38027/N112020ICCAUA316283

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The Gift of the Spoken Word: The Word-Image Relationship in the Memory Process

Francesco Del Sole


DOI: 10.38027/N112020ICCAUA316381

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Role of Strategic Planning to Achieve Urban Sustainability

Rokhsaneh Rahbarianyazd


DOI: 10.38027/N132020ICCAUA316286

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Political Domination and Urban Development: Altering the Cultural Identity of Tripoli’s Historic Center

Aida Mohamed Ejroushi


DOI: 10.38027/N142020ICCAUA316250

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Placemaking in Everyday Life

Aysel Merve Topaloğlu


DOI: 10.38027/N152020ICCAUA316377

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An Evaluation of the Ataköy Settlement Area in the context of the Neighborhood Unit and New Urbanism Principles

Eylem Deniz Yıldırım


DOI: 10.38027/N162020ICCAUA316380

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On Sustainability of Religious Buildings Ending Usage: Bursa Isabey Mosque

Aylin Aras 


DOI: 10.38027/N172020ICCAUA316268

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Living Manifestations-Cases of Migrant Factory Workers at Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh and Shenzhen, China

Nusrat Wahid, Salma Begum and Mahtab Hussain Siddiqui