* If we decline to submit the paper to the suggested journal, will it still be included in the conference proceedings?

By choosing not to publish in the suggested journal, your paper will be automatically published in the conference's full book proceedings of the conference also ICCAUA conference's journal proceedings. See the journal of the conference from here


* If your committee chooses our article for publication in a book chapter or any of your sponsored journals, would I be allowed to change the journal to my preferred journal?"

Unfortunately, no. The reason your article was selected for a specific journal or book chapter is that the editor of that particular publication expressed interest in your article. As a result, we cannot alter the decision and change the journal name.


* If the publication is rejected by the journal, what will be the fate of our written paper?  If your paper is rejected (with a probability of 4 percent, as per our experience), it will be automatically published in both the conference's full book proceedings and also ICCAUA conference's journal proceedings. See the journal of the conference from here

* If I have submitted 2 papers, do I have to pay and register for one ticket or two for each article?

For two articles there is no discount. You may need to register twice.  If you have submitted three papers, the third one may be eligible for a discount.


* Do the Full paper submission is mandatory if I don't want it to be published?

Submitting the full paper is not a requirement for participation in the conference. Since the conference aims to disseminate the study's findings through presentations, the submission of the full paper is not mandatory. Authors have the freedom to decide whether or not to publish their full paper with us.


* Can I prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the in-person conference?

Yes. In-person presenters will also have 10 minutes assigned time to present at the conference venue, so you can definitely prepare a PowerPoint presentation for your talk.


* Shall I bring my own laptop?

No need to bring your own laptop, as we will set up the required infrastructure to run the conference smoothly. We'll provide the necessary equipment for presentations.



* We would like to confirm if we will present live or if you will play the YouTube link of our presentation?

During the conference, we will play the video for your session. However, it is essential that you are available during your allocated session based on the program we will share with you. This will ensure that you are ready to answer any questions that may arise from the authors and the session chair.

Format of  face to face presentation:    

* Is it possible to make the presentation  with power point?  


* If we are demanded to bring our own laptop to the venuw of the conference or just USB flash drive is enough?

No noueeded to bring any laptop with yourself, our event place will provide nessesary tool to ensure that you will be able to present successfull. Just put your presentation in both pdf anf powerpoint format in your usb and bring it to the venue.


* Can I provide the organizers with a USB containing the presentation?

Yes, providing a USB with your presentation is the best option on the conference day. This ensures that you have a backup of your presentation and helps facilitate smooth transitions between speakers.


* I am attending this conference face to face (in-person - I will be in the conference venue), do I still need to upload a presentation video?

No. Since you will present your full paper face to face (maximum 10 minutes), no need to prepare any video. 


* We are three authors (in one article) . Do we have to pay and register for one ticket or three?

Regardless of the number of authors in one article, you need to register just one per each article.


*Will this year’s conference be held just online via Zoom or face-to-face in Istanbul?

The conference will be in a hybrid model, which means both options will be available. You can decide to come to the conference to have your presentation face to face, or you will have also a chance to deliver your presentation online.  


* Conference program

The exact program of the conference will be sent to you two weeks before the conference. To be able to understand the overall structure of the program please see our: ICCAUA2021 Program:


ICCAUA2020 Program:



*Preliminary acceptance letter

-If the jury members approved that the quality of your abstract suits the aim and objectives of the conference, a Preliminary acceptance letter will be sent to you maximum within three weeks after receiving your abstract.


*Final Acceptance Letter:

Note: You will receive your final acceptance. On the last day of the conference.


*Time to finalize the registration process:

Note: According to the policy of our conference you can register directly as soon as you received your preliminary acceptance letter.


*I think this preliminary acceptance letter is just for my abstract. But, I want to publish the full text in the conference full book proceedings. If I pay the fee and register now, is there also the possibility that only the abstract will be published? or my full paper will also be published?

Your registration upon your preliminary acceptance letter of your abstract will guarantee that your full paper will be published in both conference full book proceedings as well as your abstract in the abstract book proceedings. During the process, our editorial team will support you in case of seeing any problems in your full paper.


* Abstract book proceedings

 Abstract book proceedings will be sent to you by e-mail one week before the conference.


* Certificate of Attendance

 A certificate of attendance will be sent to you by e-mail after the conference.


* Certificate of Participation

The certificate of participation will be sent to you by e-mail after the conference.


* Full Book proceeding

- Full Book proceedings will be sent to you by e-mail two weeks after the conference.


* I submitted two abstracts and all received the acceptance letter. should I buy two tickets or one?

For two articles there is no discount. But if you had the article, the third one will receive 50 percent discount.


* We want to know how to complete our registration for the conference and how to pay the registration fees.

You may use the following link to start the registration process. https://iccaua.com/page/registration-fee


 *Do the conference of this year (ICCAUA2023) going to be held online and in person?

Yes. You are free to select whether you would like to participate online or fac to face. 

* The letter of acceptance I received says " Provisional". Is this because the payment was not made?
Yes. After your payment, the status of your acceptance will change to Final. We will send the final acceptance letter to all the authors a week before the conference.
Note: On the 5th of each month after registration, you will see your name and the title of your manuscript on our website.  Due to the workload we have nowadays, we will send you the “final acceptance letter approximately a week before the conference. So, our suggestion is to make sure to register based on the assigned deadline so we will be able to proceed with your final acceptance letter smoothly. See: https://iccaua.com/page/important-dates


  *Will all abstracts accepted for oral presentation be published in full text?

Yes, all the abstracts accepted for oral presentation be published in full text in the abstract proceeding book. If your article is selected for publication in the journals and if you accept to publish it in that journal it will be excluded from the conference full book proceedings to keep the originality of your work. But any both circumstances at least your abstract will be published in the conference abstract book proceedings. 


*Our abstract received a “preliminary acceptance letter”. However, we could not see our name in the list of “finalized registered authors list”.

 After receiving the “preliminary acceptance letter” from us, you may need to finalize your registration and payment process. Then we will add your name to our list and website in our next update.


*Do we have to pay the fee before the full text is approved?

Yes, our policy is working like that. We are checking the abstract to see whether the methodology, title and outcome of your study are working or not. If yes, we are not waiting for the full paper to receive due to the matter of time. During the publication of the full book proceedings, we will let you know if there was any other problem to solve.


* We are 3 authors and all of us would like to join in person in the conference so do we pay for the registration once or each separately? Or is there a separate “visitor ticket”?

You may need to register just one time per each manuscript ID. The number of authors does not affect the registration fee. Just be aware that from our organization's point of view to hold the conference smoothly with this one registration fee there will be a possibility for one person from your team to participate face-to-face during the conference day (there is no limit for online participation). It means that there will be a “visitor ticket”. If you are three authors in one article, the other two co-authors will pay a "participation fee" by the time you register for your manuscript. The “visitor ticket” for this conference is 20 euros.  

* Will accepted papers for oral presentation be published as full papers? 

Yes, in case we receive the full paper based on the given deadline, all the abstracts which have acceptance letters for oral presentation will be published in their full paper as well. 


*When will the full texts be approved by the referees?

The full papers will go through the editorial board to prepare them for publication. They will review your paper and in case if there were any specific problems regarding formatting issues they will contact, with you. Normally the abstract books will release a week before the conference date and full papers will release one month after the conference.


*Do we have to pay the fee before the full text is approved?

Any time after two anonymous reviewers of our conference approved the originality of your abstract, you will be able to register and pay the registration fee. So, the answer is yes. 


*We want to pay and register as a student for the congress. How can we pay?

Please see the following link in order to finalize your payment. There are two options embedded in the link as two main methods of payment and registration.



*How many pages and words does our evaluation need?

please see the following link in order to check the "paper guidelines”.



*Since our subject is a bit detailed, would it be a problem if it exceeds the limits?

There is no problem in case it is required you may increase it up to 6000-8000 words. Including all references).


*Which of the oral presentation or internet-based presentations will be written in the conference participation document?

As in our previous email due to this extraordinary situation coming from coronavirus, we are able to write an “oral presentation”.

Note:  For Oral Presentation it is required you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (based on the paper that has been accepted for presentation). Your presentation should be a maximum of 10 minutes.  

 Note: The number of authors does not affect the registration fee. You would pay just one time for one Article even if you were 3 or 4 authors in one paper. 

Note: There is a possibility for a virtual presentation for the one who is not able for an oral presentation. In this case, there will not be any discrimination in process of selecting manuscripts for publication in the journals and the conference proceeding will be sent to your postal and Email-address.

Note: You can add Co-authors to your article if they have already contributed to the development of the study (from both theoretical and methodological points of view).

Note: The authors who would like to get stamped invoices, need to first register online.  After online reregistration, the system automatically will send you an official invoice, please forward the given invoice to us. Accordingly, we will be able to stamp the invoice for your administrative concerns.


*Even if you are three or four authors in one paper it is required to pay just one registration fee. 


in case of cancellation

*Up to 30 days before the conference, we will be able to refund 50% of the registration fee (Please, note that all the transaction costs are taken from the canceller’s refund balance).

*Less than 29 days before the conference, we will not be able to refund the registration fee.

*The paper should not exceed more than 8000 words.


*Will I send a fee if the abstract is accepted?

Yes, please check also the deadline for registration from :



*Will you send any information or e-mail regarding registration time and acceptance?

Please find the early bird registration timing here:



* My abstract was accepted. Is it possible to participate in the conference without a registration fee?

You are welcome to the conference as the audience. But in order to proceed with your article for publication, you need to register.


* My article has two researchers what will be the amount that I should pay?

Regardless of the number of authors in one article, you need to register just one.


*How many pages must be the full paper?

As long as you respect the maximum allowed word count of your article which is 7000 words, page numbers will not be important for us.


*After the full texts, we have sent are published as Proceedings, how will they be published in the specified journals?

Till the conference day, we will just publish the conference Abstract book proceedings. A day after the conference editors will select the articles for their own journals ( it may take two weeks) then we will publish the remaining full papers of the conference in the conference's full book proceedings. This is the best professional strategy to publish articles in scientific journals. 


Would I be able to submit an abstract and then once accepted, I submit the full paper?



How/when will I be able to access google classroom to submit my full paper?

 one month before the conference date we will open google classroom. So you will be able to submit your full paper directly to google classroom.

For more info please see:




 Don't I need to register somewhere first?

If you receive an acceptance letter for your abstract from our organizing centre, you need to register for the conference.


I have sent two proposals for papers with different co-authors. I would like to know if I only pay for one registration or if each first author of the paper should also register for the event? 

For the two articles, we don't have a discount policy. it means that even if the first author of the two articles were the same we can not apply for the discount. If you have 3 articles with the same first author your third one will receive 50 percent discount. 


*Will just the publication and presentation of an abstract in your conference bring academic points from promotion?

Yes. If you don’t have time to finalize your full paper until two weeks after the conference, you can still participate in the conference to get your certificate of participation and presentation with just your abstract which according to the ministry of education of each country it could be considered officially for your academic promotion.


*Will the three of us get different conference certificates or only one certificate will be issued containing our three names?

There will be just one digital certificate including all the authors’ names.


*Since three individuals are involved in the paper and one person will be presenting at the conference on behalf of three members, can we register that individual only?

Yes. The number of authors does not affect the registration fee. You would register just one time for one article even if you were 3 or 4 authors in one paper.


It was stated as not mandatory to submit full text for the conference, but it seems to be mandatory in the confirmation letter that came to the paper I sent. Can I participate without a full-text paper?

Yes, you can. According to the international rules developed by the ministry of education of each country participation with just publishing your abstract and presentation on your abstract will receive academic points.



* I submitted my video recording link to the classroom yesterday. Do I need to mail it again? How it would be confirmed that you received it?

Please see the below link to follow the instruction. As soon as you “turned in” the file you will see the status of your file change to “Unsubmit” your file. It means that you have submitted it successfully. So no need to do any action. We will also be able to see and download from our system. How to upload your recorded video to google class? Please see the video from here


*What do you expect from the video presentation? Are you expecting a full paper presentation or only a definition of the abstract?

It should be the full paper presentation including all the important parts of your studies such as:  aim objectives, problems methodologies discussion and conclusions of your work.


* Do we have to send you the PowerPoint presentations we have prepared?

No. We need just the youtube video of your presentation. Authors should submit a youtube link to their presentation based on the following instruction. Please see the instruction here


* Can I submit an unfinished presentation to classroom assignment B before the deadline to be edited later?  

No. You may edit your file in google classroom anytime you wish. But after the deadline, the authors are not allowed to add or remove any file from google classroom.


My level of English is very average, it will be possible for me to do the text and the 10 min video, but is it possible to have someone for the translation (English/French or Arabic) during face-to-face discussions? Because I may find it difficult to clearly express my answers to any questions on the day of the conference.

Yes, if it is an online presentation, you will have a chance to bring a translator to support you online during the meeting. But if you would like to participate face-to-face in our conference venue you may need to register your translator as an extra participant. The reason is that per each article one author is allowed to present in the venue. For the other coauthors or guests, you may need to register them as normal participants.


* Is there any support (housing) for the participants by the organizer of the conference?

No at this moment we are not providing accommodation for the authors. But we will be able to let you know some hotels with convenient prices.


* Is there a preferred topic and duration for the lecture?

Please find the conference scope here: https://iccaua.com/page/home#:~:text=The%20Scopes%20of%20the%20conference%20include%20but%20are%20not%20limited%20to%3A


* Does the lecture include a Q&A session or a panel discussion?

After your presentation, there will be Q&A session.


* How will you broadcast this (online) event? Is it publicly accessible or only for attendees?

It will be publicly available. See our previous year’s conference program. In the program you may find the presentation discussion and video in this regard.



* What is the size and composition of your audience (professionals, students, developers, government officials etc.)?

Please see:



* How will you make notice of this event, will there be press coverage?

There will be national media coverage.


* Do you cover travel expenses (transport and accommodation)?



* Do you offer an honorarium?



*  what is the difference between In-person presentation and online presentation in a conference?

In-person and online presentations at a conference differ in several key ways:

  1. Location: In-person presentations take place at a physical conference venue, while online presentations are held over the internet using platforms like Zoom.
  2. Accessibility: Online presentations can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making them more accessible to a wider audience. In-person presentations are limited to the conference venue and attendees who are physically present.
  3. Technology: Online presentations often require the use of technology, such as laptops, cameras, and microphone. In-person presentations may also require technology, such as a projector and sound system, but these are typically provided by the conference venue.
  4. Cost: Attending an in-person conference can be more expensive due to the cost of travel, accommodation, and registration fees. Online conferences may be more affordable or even free, as attendees do not have to bear the cost of travel and accommodation.

Both in-person and online presentations have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and the best format depends on the goals of the conference, the preferences of the attendees, and the budget and resources available.


* What are the requirements for obtaining a final acceptance letter?

If your abstract is approved, you will receive a preliminary acceptance letter. Upon registering, based on the information provided in your preliminary acceptance letter, you will be entitled to receive the final acceptance letter.


*  Is there a specific timeline for receiving the final acceptance letter?

Once you have registered, you will be eligible to receive the final acceptance letter. Typically, due to workload, the final acceptance letter will be released the day after the conference.


* Is the final acceptance letter issued after the final paper is submitted?

 It is not necessary for authors to submit their full papers to participate and present at the conference. Therefore, the final acceptance letter can be released based on your abstract, as per our national and international rules.


Don’t you think we need to have our full paper accepted before registration?

It's common for numerous international conferences to require registration fees before receiving the full paper. This policy is in place because presenting abstracts is often sufficient for academic promotion, and it's also in line with the guidelines of many national ministries of education. 


* I wanted to ask you about the author and co-author payment limitations. If I have paid for a paper presentation as a co-author, can I present another paper as an author? And vice versa?

It is possible for you to present both articles as long as your name appears in both of them and you have already completed the registration process. please keep in mind that based on our policy at least one author per article should participate to present on behalf of the other co-authors.


* I also wanted to ask if it is possible to swap the first and second authors in an abstract I have submitted. Can I also add another author for the final paper submission?

Please feel free to update your abstract and send the revised file back to me along with the manuscript number. I will make the necessary changes by replacing the old version of your abstract.


* As a co-author, would I have the e-certificate even if it is only the first author who makes the presentation and pays the online presentation fees?

Yes, all the names of authors who participate in the conference online will be included in the certificate of participation.


* As for the in-person presentations, how will the presentations take place for authors registered in the gallery?

The conference organizers will schedule presentations in designated time slots, usually based on the thematic grouping of the papers. The schedule will be shared with the authors well in advance, allowing them to prepare and plan accordingly. Powerpoint Presentations typically last for a predetermined amount of time,  10 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. Authors are expected to give a concise overview of their work, including the research question, methodology, results, and implications. It is essential to adhere to the time limit to ensure a smooth conference schedule.


* for Online or in-person presentation what kind of content should be provided in my online poverpoint presentation of my full paper?

It is important to ensure that your presentation is clear, concise, and engaging. Use visuals to support your points and avoid using too much text on each slide. Practice your presentation ahead of time to ensure that you can deliver it confidently and effectively. For PowerPoint presentation of your full paper at this conference, you should consider including the following content:

  1. Title slide: This slide should include the title of your presentation, your name, your affiliation, and the conference name and date.
  2. Introduction: Use this slide to introduce the topic of your presentation and explain why it is important.
  3. Literature review: Provide a brief overview of the existing literature on your topic and explain how your paper contributes to the field.
  4. Research methodology: Describe the research methodology used in your study, including the data collection methods and analysis techniques.
  5. Results: Present the findings of your study, using graphs, charts, or tables to illustrate your data.
  6. Discussion: Interpret the results of your study and explain how they relate to the broader field of research.
  7. Conclusion: Summarize the main points of your presentation and highlight the significance of your findings.
  8. References: Include a list of references cited in your presentation.
  9. Acknowledgements: Use this slide to acknowledge any individuals or organizations that supported your research.
  10. Q&A slide: Include a slide at the end of your presentation to encourage questions and discussion from the audience.


* Will the video on youtube be for public view? Because I wish not to have the video circulating on the web.

Please be aware that in youtube there is an option to make your video private . Make your presentation private so that only the ones you share the link with will be able to view it. After the conference, you can remove the video link from your YouTube channel so that it will not circulate on the web.


* I was wondering if I agree to accept my paper to be reviewed and published in the journal of X and withdraw it from publishing in the conference proceedings book, will there be any chance my paper be rejected after their 'reviewing process'?

if you agree to accept your paper to be reviewed and published in our journal and subsequently withdraw it from publishing in the conference proceedings book, the chances of your paper being rejected after our reviewing process in the journal are very low. Our reviewing process is designed to ensure quality and relevance, and once your paper has been accepted, it is highly likely to be published in our journal. However, in the unlikely event that your paper does not meet the specific criteria or guidelines during our reviewing process, and if we are unable to proceed with its publication in our journal, we will make sure that your article is included in the conference full book proceedings as originally planned.